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OLX People — Job Seekers Experience

Team: Alok Dubey, Vaibhav Bhalekar, Atul Nayyar

Project Type: Consumer Growth (Next Billion Users)

About OLX People


OLX People is a leading end-to-end recruitment company connecting employers, consultants and job seekers.

The primary goal of OLX People is to make hiring quick, easy and convenient for everyone involved.

About the Product

In this case study, I’ll talk about the consumer side of the product which is for Jobseekers. Our target users are blue-collar job seekers. Blue-collar jobs like delivery boys, salesmen, call center executives, etc. come under low income & high demand jobs category. These users also represent the Next Billion Users in India.

My Role

I led the end to end process from doing research to making the architecture to visualize the Mobile PWA, Mobile App experience. The goal was to design an Ideal job-hunting experience for Delivery Executive vertical.

Market Trivia

In developing countries like India, most of the user which comes under NBU have tasted their first digital experience through Mobile Phones. Earlier the adoption of the internet was very less but thanks to a company like JIO which is now providing fast Internet connection at a very cheap price.


Most Job boards that are available in India cater to the Indian IT sectors. And, there is a stark difference in the requirement of an IT job seeker and Blue-collar job seekers. Due to this, the currently available websites are unable to fulfill the needs of the later user group. It is where OLX People chip in to fill the requirement gap.

Problem Statement

Most of the company like Amazon, Walmart, Flipkart, Swiggy, Zomato do hire delivery executives on a scale of millions. So building a platform that can scale digitally and without having a lot of human intervention is a key to success. Because the ticket size of every executive individual is low. So a platform can’t afford recruiters doing the calling to reach out candidates for a job.

But with everything comes their cons like with us we had issues like:

  1. The drop-off was very high in each step. From user landing on the job description to a successful job application.
  2. The rejection rate was very high even in the initial screening process.
  3. The interview process of the Delivery executives is very informal. The company will just ask basic questions like “Do you have a bike” or “Do you have Android Phone” or “Do you stay in a specific area”. Still, people who were applying for the jobs were getting rejected.
  4. Candidates were applying for a job that was not near to them and those applications were pilling up for recruiters to hit a reject button.

Older Version

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